Early Bowfishing/Gas Motors UPDATE

By , May 29, 2013 9:04 AM

Hello LLBA members and friends,

It is with great pleasure to announce Governor Dayton signed into law the 2013 Game & Fish bill establishing an early bowfishing season and allowing the use of gas motors while bowfishing starting August 1st.  This could not have been possible without the great work which was accomplished with the MN DNR over a 6 month period as we worked with Commissioner Tom Landwehr, Fish & Wildlife Division Director Ed Boggess, Enforcement Director Jim Konrad, and other DNR employees.  Because of this effort we were able to come to a compromise creating an early bowfishing season.  I want to personally thank these DNR officials for their leadership and the willingness to work with stakeholders on issues important to their sports.

We also want to send out a huge thanks to the authors on the bills, Representative David Dill (Chair of Environmental and Natural Resourses Policy Committee) and Senator John Hoffman (Vice-Chair of the Environment and Energy Committee).  Along with our authors we owe a big thanks to Senator Matt Schmit (Chair of the Subcommittee for Game & Fish Policy).  We are very fortunate to have the support of these legislators and their drive to see additional invasive species harvested! And finally I want to thank MN Darkhouse and Angling Association president Tim Spreck for working along side us throughout the process providing assistance.

So what does this all mean……….

Early Bowfishing Season – We will now have an area in the state which bowfishing will be allowed year round.  During what we know as the closed season now we will be able to bowfish with the following restrictions:

  •          The early bowfishing season zone will be south of Hwy 210.
  •          You must be in a boat.  NO shore shooting during the early season!
  •          You must be on a lake or the Mississippi, Minnesota, or St. Croix Rivers.  No creeks, streams, or tributaries!

The start of the regular season will now be the last Saturday in April.  From that point you would be able to shoot from the shore and head into areas not allowed in the early season.  This is a great opportunity for bowfishers to hit the waters sooner and gives us the same privileges as many of our friends have throughout the US.

Gas Motors – Gas motors will now be legal after August 1st while bowfishing.  With that said fans will not pass the nighttime decibel restrictions or the noise level restrictions of a motor boat; this was not negotiable during the talks.

As we move forward I want to stress to all we have a responsibility to put our sport in the best positive light possible.  Help the sport by promoting ethics and laws to new bowfishers.  What you put into the sport today will ensure future generations will be able to enjoy it as you do.  I wish you all the best in 2013 and ask for your continued support of the LLBA, an organization which has done so much for bowfishing in MN.  Remember the charter of the association…..To preserve, promote, and protect the sport of bowfishing in MN.  Thanks again and have a great season!

Sincerely, Brian

Brian Petschl