By , April 8, 2022 12:32 PM

Since 2005, Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association has been hard at work educating MN sports enthusiasts, fellow outdoor organizations, the MN Legislature, and the MN Department of Natural Resources on the sport of bowfishing. Due to this hard work we have helped improve and create additional opportunities for bowfishing in Minnesota.

Here are some accomplishments during our short history:

  • Annually host a kids bowfishing day with John Glenn Archery Cadet Program, taking anywhere from 50-150 kids throughout the day.
  • During 2005 through 2007 worked with the MNDNR to hold an experimental night season in 2008.
  • Proud member of the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance (MOHA) and the National Bowfishing Alliance (NBFA).  These groups work hard to fight for the rights of all sportsmen and women in Minnesota.
  • In 2009 we provided educational information on legislation to allow statewide night bowfishing during the entire season.
  • In 2009 we provided educational information on legislation to have bowfishing tournaments & contests exempted from the MNDNR fishing tournament/contest permit system.
  • We annually participate in the MNDNR Stakeholders Roundtable.  This event is attended by numerous hunting and fishing interested parties to discuss important issues facing outdoor sports.
  • In August 2010 the LLBA attended the MNDNR Bowhunting and Archery Summit. The purpose of this summit was to discuss issues facing archery sports and how to increase youth participation and retention.

As we look into the future we only see bigger and better things for MN bowfishing. We will continue to work hard at education all Minnesotan’s about the sport of bowfishing. We continue to see our membership increase; as of August 2012 we have over 170 members. In order for us to have a larger voice amongst the outdoor community we must continue to grow the membership. Please contact any of our board of directors with questions or comments. We hope you find the LLBA beneficial to MN bowfishing.